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“Neco Novellas has a remarkably, dark, smoky voice sometimes reminiscent of a deeper-toned Al Jarreau in delivery, and his tunes
allow him to show it off to fine effect.”

“Neco Novellas transforms the musical richness of Africa into fresh arrangements where Africa (Mozambique) touches Brazil, Europe and Jamaica.” ***** JAZZ MAGAZINE (Netherlands)

“After a long struggle for recognition, the brothers and sisters of Mozambican band, Neco Novellas are finally reaching for the stars…” SONGLINES Magazine, UK


4Q Records is proud to introduce NECO NOVELLAS, the name and face of a singer-songwriter with immense talent and imposing stage presence. After studying classical guitar and opera singing in Lisbon, Portugal and Rotterdam, Holland, Neco directed his focus towards world, pop, jazz, funk, samba, afrobeat, reggae and rock. On his new album, New Dawn (Ku Khata), you’ll find all these styles: refined compositions, enriched by influences of Neco’s teenage years in Mozambique among the Chopi people, a local ethnic clan.


Neco Novellas describes his album best: “Ku Khata stands for a new beginning. Every new day brings new chances and I say to myself: Let’s see! Ku Khata means something new in my music continuously. This album is my answer to globalization, not in a political way but in a musical sense” says Anselmo ‘Neco’ João Johanhane alias Neco Novellas. “It talks about music as a universal language.” The singer songwriter from Mozambique has just finished his album New Dawn (Ku Khata), released on 4Q/Times Square Records. The album presents contemporary music with African roots. “It’s a document of where I am right now.”


The album reflects Neco’s musical identity. Therefore it goes beyond categorization. “I never tied myself down to one genre of music. Why should I? I enjoy the richness of music everywhere around me and use it all. I also dig deep inside myself.” The fourteen songs of New Dawn (Ku Khata) lead you from Mozambican pop to jazz, to funk, to afro beat and gospel and along the way there is reggae, rock and classical music. The album may be diverse in styles and languages; at the same time there is a recognizable and distinctive ‘Novellas sound’. This is a soulful, warm and rhythmic music held together by the unity of a family. For the most part, Neco worked with his two brothers Nelson (electric guitar, percussion, vocals) and Isildo (bass guitar, vocals, percussion) and sisters Cidalia and Isabel (both backing vocals). He also worked with singer Lilian Vieira (Zuco 103), who’s originally from Brazil and speaks another kind of Portuguese than he does. ”In the studio, that worked fantastically. We sang a Mozambican samba duet called “Vermelha” in our mutual language and connected instantly.”


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