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Music is that magical air that lives in our space. It knows no boundaries, carries no stigmas. It is unconditional love expressed through one's energy. And like energy, music can neither be created nor destroyed — it is simply transformed, from one soul to the other. May we all be the conduits of its magic — Elizabeth Ayoub


With a fresh, coming-of-age sensitivity, Elizabeth Ayoub graces the stage by blending the traditional with the contemporary, the East with the West. The youngest of seven siblings, her Lebanese immigrant parents fled to Venezuela before the civil war, in search for a promising future. It was in Venezuela where Elizabeth was thrust into an environment where three different languages were freely spoken and where her musical influences ranged from Koranic verse and Fairuz, to Simon & Garfunkel and Barbra Streisand. A songstress at heart – as she is also a trained, professional actress — her musical influences span across decades and cultures, enriching both her music and lyrics with heartfelt and haunting melodies and rhythms.

Singer-Songwriter Elizabeth Ayoub’s debut album, OCEANOS Y LUNAS, produced by Grammy winning producer Javier Limon (Bebo & Cigala, Mariza, Buika etc.), is a worthy introduction to Elizabeth’s diverse worldwide influences, crossing genres and boundaries. Elizabeth is fluent and sings in four languages, including, Arabic, Spanish, French and English. From the yearning that springs from a traditional Arabic song, to that of a country-blues ballad, and an Arab-infused Cuban son, Elizabeth Ayoub transports you sweetly and passionately to and fro, through a musical journey. This is what two of the most respected Radio personalities and tastemakers on two sides of the Atlantic have had to say about Elizabeth:

“There is what the singer does with her voice. So many want to show off, to sacrifice the melody to their improvisations ... but she never does that, every move feels organic and natural. Thank you for the variety and adventure.” — The late great Charlie Gillett, Radio Host: BBC, Sound of the World

“I recently discovered Elizabeth Ayoub’s music. A colleague at KCRW handed me her cd. At first I wasn’t sure, but then I heard her tribute to the oud, the last two cuts. I was smitten and became a fan at that point. Good production values, flawless intonation, and a mastery of three languages on the cd didn’t hurt either. She’s highly gifted and unusual. I am grateful for her music.” — Tom Schnabel, Radio Host: Café L.A., KCRW, NPR affiliate

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